The Union Transfer venue

On march 13 2013 at exactly 7:22 pm, I arrived at 12th and spring garden to see the bands EverytimeIdie and my personal favorite, The Acacia Strain at this relatively new venue. Once a Italian restaurant and bar, the union transfer was a wonderful venue with great atmosphere and wonderful sound quality as well as no guard rails near the stage (which allowed for better crowd precipitation)

This Was an amazing experience. Security was present however was not needed due to the fact that the fans made sure no fights broke out and the injured were taken care of. The sound quality was wonderful, with every cord strung you could feel it vibrate through your body.

Once the opening bands went off stage things really picked up when the co headliner (TAS) started their set. Once directed from the band to stage dive, people began rushing the stage and jumping into the sea of people hoping to be caught by their fellow show goers.

A great venue and as of recent, my favorite venue

dance childern dance


Moshing has evolved from jumping in place to doing Kung-Fu kicks to cartwheels on the dance floor. Back in the early stages of metal/punk the mosh pit was way less extreme ranging from jumping in place, shoving someone next to you, or crowd surfing. As time and music changed and got more angry and violent, so did the style of mosh. The reason behind this eccentric behavior ranges anywhere from expressing your like for the band that is playing, physically therapy from a long hard week, or in some cases just trying to lay out someone who gets in your way.

When your favorite band is on stage, one gets excited and cannot stand still. Filled with vigor and excitement one disregards his own personal welfare and flings himself into a mosh pit dancing around with no coordination.¬† Usually this is done because one wants to show how much he loves this band and the music that they make. I wouldn’t want to put my body at risk for a sub par sounding band that has little to know talent so i would wait until the band i want to see comes on.

After a hard week of working, family problems or just being fed up with a current situation, moshing is the perfect stress release. For the time being while the set is going on you lose yourself in the music and just let yourself go. Swinging at the air, jumping into other people, and shouting your favorite lyrics at the top of your lungs. After the show is said and done and you are exhausted from bouncing around all night, it will seem like a weight has been lifted off of your chest…. Trust me… its better than sex.. (in my opinion)

Not is all fun and games though… some people just want to watch the world burn. In some cases of the mosh culture you have people who aim to purely hurt and assault others. jumping in the pit for all the wrong reasons just to hurt others and be a douche bag. Sure, some people get punched in the pit or kicked but half the time it is by accident¬† and is accepted that no foul play was intended. When you are jumping up on peoples shoulders to punch the backs of heads of those who want no parts of the pit, you are wrong.